Billboard and fliers of missing Aniah Blanchard spread across East Alabama

Billboard and fliers of missing Aniah Blanchard spread across East Alabama

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - People across the country are searching for answers in the case of missing Aniah Blanchard who was last seen in Auburn almost two weeks ago. Now, flyers and billboards are up throughout the community as a way to keep Aniah at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Flyers pepper the storefronts in downtown Auburn, providing one reminder after the next that we’re still searching for Aniah.

“It’s been a tough two weeks thinking about it, and I just hope that they’ll find her,” Jessica Kohn, of the Auburn Downtown Merchants Association, said.

Blue ribbons, too, are now braided on door handles.

“The ribbons are a symbol of hope and when her family and friends come downtown, they need to know that we are thinking of her and we are thinking of them,” Kohn said.

“I think it’s powerful, it’s symbolizing her and that the whole community is coming together,” Makenzie Fields agreed.

These fliers and ribbons are a new addition to the windows and doors of businesses in Auburn, put up over the weekend by a friend of Aniah’s family who said she doesn’t want people to forget the search.

Kohn said businesses were more than willing to have these additions to their storefronts.

“We’ll stand with one another no matter what,” she said.

Throughout Auburn, stretching to Opelika, Montgomery and beyond, Aniah’s picture and information about her disappearance flash on billboards.

“It gets the word out there, so everyone is seeing it if you haven’t seen it on social media already,” Fields said.

According to Kohn, this area is the perfect place for these fliers and billboards

“We play host to a lot of visitors," she said. "A lot of people who come through here that are transient, they don’t live here. So this community more than ever needs to have flyers up.”

Kohn said she hopes the fliers, ribbons and billboards will make the difference and bring Aniah home.

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