WTVM Editorial 11-5-19: Victory Over Violence

WTVM Editorial 11-5-19: Victory Over Violence

(WTVM) - With the alarming and almost constant news of shootings, murders and other acts of violence in parts of our community, we at WTVM decided to make a sustained effort to examine this deeply rooted problem.

We knew we needed to go beyond the day-to-day news coverage we offer. We are calling our ongoing project Victory Over Violence.

To achieve even small victories, we intend to ask plenty of questions and seek out many voices to answer those questions.

We know we need to hear from every segment of the community to make it safer.

With 32 murders in Columbus so far this year, we know there is a lot of work to do.

Our Victory Over Violence project started a few weeks ago with round table discussions with faith leaders, parents, convicted felons and others who all do a big public service by sharing their life lessons and insight.

In past editorials, I’ve often spoken of the obvious need for parents to be involved early in every young person’s life.

Schools alone can’t teach our children. Government alone can’t support every need or solve every problem. Taking personal responsibility and teaching children and teens that actions have consequences is the key to it all.

But we know it’s not that easy. It will take a large and continuing effort to turn the tide of violence.

One local expert, Pastor Delta Outley, who created the anti-violence organization called SAVE, explains it perfectly.

“We can come up with a lot of solutions, but at the end of the day, I believe it starts at home and it’s your upbringing and what you value, which should be life,” said Pastor Outley.

If our Victory Over Violence project is to succeed, we need your help.

Please communicate with us any ideas you have to make our community safer and to spare our youngest generations from falling victim to violence or from participating in it. Please share your thoughts and use this email address: victory@wtvm.com to tell us your ideas.

Any kind of violence, with fists, knives or guns, never solves anything unless it’s on a battlefield.

We want to do our part to help push the conversation, and positive actions, required to achieve a real Victory Over Violence.

With your help, we can all make a difference.

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