Car salesman says suspect tried to buy a Mercedes after allegedly robbing SunTrust Bank

Phenix City auto shop owner describes shocking arrest

Car salesman says suspect tried to buy a Mercedes after allegedly robbing SunTrust Bank

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) -The owner of the Ask D Auto Shop in Phenix City is speaking out after he says a SunTrust Bank robbery suspect went to his business to buy a car just hours after the robbery.

It’s caught a lot of attention in the Chattahoochee Valley and Thursday, that suspect made his first appearance in court.

The owner of the Ask D Auto Sales on the Highway 280 bypass in Phenix City said it was a normal business day when Dontrell Scott walked to his business and asked to buy a getaway car just hours after he allegedly robbed a bank.

“He said, ‘well what about this one.’ I said, ‘the Mercedes?’ He said, ‘I’m ready. I need the car now. I have cash.’ He pulled out the cash. I saw the wad of money and I said let’s go in,” said D. Cochran, owner of the dealership.

Cochran said minutes after agreeing to sell the car, his parking lot was filled with police.

“They jumped out with their phones and put their phones next to his face and they put the cuffs on him. I was like wow. I was shocked. I was wondering what was going on and one of the officers told me that he had just robbed the SunTrust Bank.”

In Scott’s first court appearance, he pled not guilty on all charges, including armed robbery. Detective Damien Jones said it’s believed that Scott entered the bank with a camouflage bag and a drinking bottle. Police said he demanded money with a slip of paper in a notebook.

“He walked up to the desk, told the worker, ‘you’re pretty’ and demanded money,” said Jones.

He said the suspect left the drinking bottle on the counter that has been sent to a crime lab as evidence. Scott’s defense is requesting a mental evaluation be conducted.

Police said a weapon was never recovered in the evidence, but Jones said when Scott was arrested, he had methamphetamine. Police received a search warrant to search the hotel room he rented at the Sunset Lodge on the Highway 280 bypass and found a notebook with a slip of paper that reads ‘This is a Robbery.’

The case has been bound over to Superior Court.

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