2 fired after fast food cashier refuses to serve NC police officer

ROXBORO, N.C. (WTVD/CNN) - A cashier and manager from a Cook Out location in North Carolina were fired after a story about the cashier refusing service to a police officer spread on social media.

Police Chief David Hess says colleague Kenneth Horton, an Army veteran and police sergeant, visited a Cook Out location last week in Roxboro, N.C. But one particular cashier denied him service.

“We’re saddened that an employee denied service to a police officer. We promote unity. The public here knows that. Unfortunately, this incident has created a divide, but it’s only because of a small action that could have been avoided,” Hess said.

Word spread in town and on social media about Horton’s encounter. Hess says the news got back to Cook Out higher-ups, who fired the cashier and manager on duty.

“We did not contact corporate directly, asking for them to fire this employee. Cook Out took it upon themselves to take action,” Hess said.

The fired manager, who did not want to be identified, says she was in the back of the restaurant when the cashier asked another worker to take Horton’s order.

“If they don't feel comfortable taking somebody else's order, it’s not wrong for them to have someone else do it or contact the manager,” she said. “I just wish they would have asked me to come up front to take their order.”

The day after the incident, she was fired by the district manager.

“He told me that I should have went outside and got the officer’s attention and, I guess, offer to take his order,” she said.

The former manager, who worked at Cook Out for 10 years, says she’s angry about what happened, but she doesn’t want her job back.

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