Warming stations offering help to homeless in Columbus ahead of freeze warning

Warming stations offering help to homeless in Columbus ahead of freeze warning

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The Chattahoochee Valley is expecting a drastic drop in the temperature this week and preparations are underway to help those who may be without a warm place to sleep.

“It’s going to be really cold outside and people might just need a place to go where it’s safe and warm,” says Kendrick Young.

Young says he doesn’t have a home, and as the weather threatens to touch freezing points, he’s looking to find resources to avoid possible freezing temperatures.

“You could freeze to death in it. Some people just need a little help,” says Young.

Places like the Verge Church says it’s preparing for their program, 28 and Below, to begin. Chuck Odom, an associate pastor at the Verge says it’s a program where volunteers drive around and pick up those who need a warm place to sleep and a hot meal when there are freeze warnings and dangerous wind chills.

“We just want to bring them in and find the things that they need,” says Odom.

He says it’s a place that creates a temporary home for those without one.

“Everybody needs someone who says you still matter and you’re important. That’s what we want to live for, others,” says Odom.

Odom says along with a warm place to sleep, they’re giving away new clothes, food, and they’re planning to drive around Columbus and give away hygiene products to those who need it.

“Last year, we did it for a few days, but we think it’s going to be colder and busier this year. This year, we’re expecting many more nights than last year. We’re geared up for whatever it’s going to be. We can’t predict the weather, but we’re going to be prepared for it either way,” says Odom.

Organizations like the Safehouse at Rosehill, Valley Rescue Mission, and Enrichment Services are also opening their doors to those who need a meal and a warm place to rest.

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