Columbus Fire Dept. reports more house fires in fall and winter as temperatures drop

Columbsu Fire and EMS offer safety tips

Columbus Fire Dept. reports more house fires in fall and winter as temperatures drop

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Officials with the Columbus Fire Department say fall and winter make up the busier periods of the year for the department.

“We’ll see some more fire activity picking up in late fall and around the holiday season. Probably our peak times are around January and February,” says Columbus Fire Marshal Ricky Shores.

He says the most common fire they handle are cooking fires when families are preparing holiday meals.

“As you have Thanksgiving rolls around and Christmas you have family over, and a lot of folks want to cook a turkey with a turkey fryer. We want people to know that you can’t have an open flame in an apartment. You have to take it outside to a green space.”

He says if you plan to use space heaters or hang holiday decorations, you should be careful of risks. He says you shouldn’t plug space heaters into extension cords, and you should always create boundaries for the heaters. Flames near decorations could easily catch fire. He says an important reminder is to be aware of what fire crews call the silent killer.

“With CO, if you go to sleep and you have a bad CO issue in your home, you may not wake up the next morning,” says Shores.

Shores says their department normally gets one or two cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning a year. He says investing in working CO detectors monthly helps to get the proper notification of dangerous levels in your home.

“These are just some of the tips that you can adhere to make sure that you’re safe during the holiday season,” he explains.

Shores says they’re hoping to not have a busy winter to ensure safety for you and your family.

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