‘Find Aniah’ bracelets spreading throughout Alabama

‘Find Aniah’ bracelets spreading throughout Alabama

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - Communities across Alabama continue to find ways to support the family of Aniah Blanchard, the 19-year-old who went missing from Auburn October 23.

There are now light blue "#FindAniah bracelets circulating through parts of Alabama. Friends of Blanchard’s mother are using donations from the bracelets to help the family continue to search for their missing loved one.

“Aniah has really become Alabama’s daughter,” said Leanne Brown, a friend of Blanchard’s mother.

She’s a daughter the community has been desperately searching for for three weeks.

Police believe Ibraheem Yazeed is responsible for Blanchard’s disappearance. The 30-year-old man now sits in the Lee County Jail.

As the search for the teen intensifies, friends of Blanchard’s mother are hoping to ease the family’s burden.

“We want to show our love and support and hope we can help in any way we can with these donations since she’s unable to work and just focusing on finding Aniah,” said Laura Overby, a friend of Blanchard’s mother.

“#FindAniah” bracelets now hang on the wrists of hundreds of people throughout parts of Alabama and beyond.

They’re an effort to keep Blanchard at the forefront of people’s minds and a way to raise money for her family.

“I feel like Aniah is loved, and everybody has done so well in getting her information out," Overby said. "We just want to keep it going until we can find her.”

Light blue in honor of Blanchard’s favorite color, the bracelets have #FindAniah, the telephone number of the tip line, and the words “God is Bigger” printed on them.

“It says God is bigger," said Leanne Brown. "And that’s so true in instances like this when you just want to help. I know so many people are praying, and I think people find comfort knowing that they were able to do a little something to help.”

With a suggested donation of $3 per bracelet, they’re hoping to raise $15,000 for the family.

To donate or purchase a bracelet, email leannemvl@gmail.com.

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