Several hundreds competing in Fort Benning’s Multi-Gun Challenge this weekend

Several hundreds competing in Fort Benning’s Multi-Gun Challenge this weekend

FORT BENNING, Ga. (WTVM) - The rigorous Multi-Gun Challenge is underway at Fort Benning this weekend.

There are about 250 competitors from across the nation trying to get through the 12 courses, all while firing the fastest and having the best shot.

Daniel Horner, the 2018 Multi-Gun Challenge winner, who is a professional shooter for Sig Sauer, will go through four stages each day during the three days of competition.

”It’s the guy that can go through it the fastest with the best hits, so it’s kind of equally weighted, speed and accuracy. We’re shooting rifles, pistols and shotguns and generally the courses of fire are around 60 to 80 rounds," Horner said.

The competition is open to civilians, but designed and run by soldiers, including Sgt. Jacob Hetherington, who helped create and build the courses of fire.

“First we have figure out which bay we’re going to use because each bay has different length and width requirements. Then, we figure out what equipment we have available to use. And then with those two, we then start thinking of possible courses in our heads and we just really get the creative juices flowing and create a fun and challenging stage," Sgt. Hetherington explained.

Fort Benning’s MWR office and the U.S. Army Markmanship Unit are hosting the competition. They invite the public to attend.

“Most of Columbus, Phenix City don’t realize the high level of competitors that are actually in this unit and I just think by inviting them out here, it’s a great way for them to connect with Fort Benning," said SFC Mark Weeks, the Active Shooting Team’s Team Chief with the Marksmanship Unit.

The public is asked to bring their own protective wear for their ears and eyes.

The competition picks back up at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday ending with an awards ceremony on Sunday.

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