Mom: Son pleaded not to go to Colo. day care where police found false wall hiding 26 children

‘He kept saying don’t take me to the little house, don’t put me downstairs, don’t put me downstairs.’

Mom reacts to child's daycare being shut down after a false wall hiding children was found

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV/Gray News) - A mother said she thought she was taking her child to “the best day care in town,” but she began receiving warning signs from her son.

Police would later shut down the day care center after a raid.

“He kept saying don’t take me to the little house, don’t put me downstairs, don’t put me downstairs," Betsy Murphy told KKTV.

The in-home Colorado Springs day care was raided by police last week during a welfare check. Investigators said they found a false wall and 26 children hiding in the basement. All of the children were younger than three.

Day care operator Carla Faith has not responded to multiple requests for comment. The state has suspended licenses for both properties she managed.

Teachers who worked at the preschools are out of work. One said she has yet to hear from her boss.

“We came in on Thursday, and we’re just as blindsided as everybody else, and we’re just as hurt," teacher Stephanie Kring said. “Those kids were my life. It disturbs me that they were all ripped away from us.”

Records from California show several of Faith’s facilities in that state were raided in the late 1990s.

Colorado child care license applications don’t ask applicants questions about their license history in other states. The Colorado Department of Human Services released a statement saying it will look to tighten loopholes which may allow those with out-of-state records to operate day care centers.

Police didn’t arrest Faith during the raid, but investigators are continuing to work the case.

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