WTVM Editorial 11-19-19: Hunger can be helped

WTVM Editorial 11-19-19: Hunger can be helped

(WTVM) - Around this time of year, we ask our viewers to help us gather non-perishable food to donate to the area’s premier food bank: Feeding the Valley. We call our effort “Share Your Thanks by Giving.”

It is worth sharing some of the reasons behind hunger and who it hurts the most. Of course, it’s our children.

In Georgia, 30% of kids cannot rely on a steady source of food.

In Muscogee County and across the border into East Alabama, the number is a little lower, but the problem persists.

If children are our future, they need to be well-fed, not just because they are hungry but because their future literally depends on it.

That’s because children who are underfed experience a variety of developmental problems that could be easily corrected with a reliable, proper, nutritious diet.

Properly fed students can focus better in class. They’re less liable to get sick, especially with chronic illnesses that can cause them to miss important lessons, and fall behind academically, to the point of never catching up with their classmates.

Hungry kids often feel ashamed and have trouble socializing. That can lead to emotional and behavioral problems that set children up for failure in school, leading to poor choices as teenagers, and an uncertain future as adults.

Most of us reflexively donate food around the holidays, and, of course, we hope you do, too. But hunger is a year-round problem that deserves year-round awareness.

Thank goodness for Feeding the Valley and other regional food banks that do such a fine job of distributing food to local charities, making sure it gets in the hands and mouths of the truly needy.

There is help out there if you or your family is food insecure – which is not having a reliable source of quality food. You need not be technically poor to qualify.

If you’re thinking of donating food to our food drive, just visit any Walmart and area Zaxby’s - our partners in “Share Your Thanks By Giving” – and drop off non-perishable - meaning packaged or canned foods - and leave them in our collection bins at those locations.

You will be playing an important part in improving the chances that local children will perform better in school and become successful, contributing adults.

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