MCSD using Safe Schools Alert app to help make schools safer

MCSD using Safe Schools Alert app to help make schools safer

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Smartphone technology has become the most popular way to communicate, whether it be through text messages, social media, or phone apps.

“It was brought before the board as a recommendation a few months ago and the board approved it. So, we are just moving forward with implementation at this point. Anytime we purchase anything related to safety and security, it’s always something that we try to make as transparent and possible,” said Mercedes Parham, MCSD communications director.

All you have to do is download it from your app store, agree to the terms, and type in the code 1897 for Muscogee County.

The app allows you to send in tips about bullying, harassment, threats and if you suspect any weapons or drugs.

One parent who has three children in the school district said it’s a great idea and already has the app downloaded.

“I think there are some cool options in there and it’s not just for violence. You can make suggestions and hopefully, people will use it and it will be successful,” said Nathan Sandler.

Parham said the school district is always looking for new layers of security for the safety of the students and staff.

“When safety issues happen, it’s not a vacuum type process. It’s something that someone may have noticed, something that they weren’t sure what they witnessed. It’s always important to give your stakeholders that level of accountability,” said Parham.

The Safe Schools Alert app is made available 24 hours, 7 days a week for the school district and their police force to monitor and respond.

Parents also said this gives them quicker access to address any concerns and ask questions.

“It gives you an opportunity instead of going and sitting in a school board meeting or trying to send emails and maybe not getting a response. at least you get to get the input in more quickly and maybe get a quicker response,” said Sandler.

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