WATCH: Snowmobilers rescue puppies on mountain in Utah

(KSTU/CNN) - Three adorable puppies are recovering after snowmobilers rescued them from the wilderness.

The Great Pyrenees were wet, cold and hungry when they were found on a Utah mountaintop.

Kat Perry and Corey Holt were snowmobiling near Monte Cristo when Perry spotted a dog.

“I’m not going to leave any animal on the mountain to starve," Perry said. “Especially, it was obvious she had pups.”

The cellphone video shows Perry hand-feeding the mother five miles from the closest paved road.

Weber County Search and Rescue were in the area and helped bring the puppies off the mountain.

Their mother, too wild to trust her rescuers, was left with 20 pounds of dog food.

“We didn’t have a leash. We didn’t have a rope or anything, so we decided the best thing was get these guys out first and then go back in and try to get her,” Holt said.

Investigators believe the mother was protecting a flock of sheep on the mountain over the summer, typical for the Great Pyrenees breed.

"They were living in a sheep carcass. She had found a dead sheep and they had eaten. There was nothing left, just a little bit of wool and a few big bones. I’m sure that’s what she’d been eating on all fall,” Perry said.

Two boys and a girl survived, likely from a much larger litter.

"The pups were cold, shivering and wet and just a little ball of ice," Perry said.

The couple is considering keeping one of the pups they’ve named Polar, as volunteers search for their mother.

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