Business owners in Uptown Columbus prepared for Small Business Saturday

Business owners in Uptown Columbus prepared for Small Business Saturday
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - It’s holiday season and some stores are promoting holiday deals. Some small business owners in Uptown Columbus were prepared for small business Saturday.

Roger Stinson, owner of Chancellor’s says “Cash flow is critical for small businesses and you need to shop local.”

He owns one of many local businesses in Uptown that are participating in Small Business Saturday. This event was created in 2010 to encourage consumers to shop locally during the holidays.

This year Uptown is celebrating with live music and special deals for shoppers.

Anne Martin is the owner of Southern Pearl and she says that she creates her holiday deals with the customers in mind.

“I always try to do something different each time and it’s just what we see that people are responding to and what it is that they’re wanting. To just make it like more on a personal level with them," said Martin.

This is just one of the reasons Martin says you should shop locally during the holidays. Stinson says it helps money stay in your community.

"When someone comes to say Walmart, that money’s in Arkansas the next morning. When you spend it on locally-owned businesses, that money stays in the community and helps out the community and passes around. "

According to American Express, for every dollar spent at a small business in the U.S., about 67 cents stays in the community.

A good way to support local businesses in your community this holiday season is to go out and shop on small business Saturday.

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