Several motions denied in murder case of former CPD officer

Several motions denied in murder case of former CPD officer

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) -A former Columbus police sergeant is one step closer to trial.

William Talley is facing charges for the death of his alleged girlfriend, a local EMT.

Judge Gil McBride handed down decisions Tuesday on three motions filed in court and announced he plans to try this case early in the new year.

Columbus police found Kelly Levinsohn dead in her home on Pratt Avenue in May.

"It’s very rare to take a case to trial, especially a murder case, in less than a year,” said Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry.

The first of three motions heard in court -- whether or not to dismiss Talley’s attorney from the case because of her engagement to a Muscogee County Sheriff’s deputy. The state argues it presents a conflict of interest, but Curry said her client has known of her relationship from the very beginning.

“He did ask why the motion was filed. , "He was surprised by it as much as I was, but he didn’t think anything much of it because he is comfortable with my representation, ”Curry said.

The second motion was a request to change the location of Talley’s trial. Curry said her motion is in the interest of fairness. She said publicity and public comment may make it difficult to select an impartial jury. McBride is denied the motion for now, stating it’s too soon to decide about potential jurors and their bias.

Curry asked the judge to consider reducing Talley’s $1 million bond and he denied that as well.

The district attorney’s office does not comment on on-going cases.

The goal is to try this case early in 2020 according to McBride because of the conditions Talley is currently in. He’s in solitary confinement with only a Bible to read.

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