Parking meters possibly coming to Uptown Columbus for 2-hour parking spots

Parking meters possibly coming to Uptown Columbus for 2-hour parking spots

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - You may see a change coming to Uptown Columbus in the New Year.

The city is considering adding parking meters to the two-hour parking spots.

If parking meters are added, garages will be the only way to park for free in Uptown Columbus.

With the hustle and bustle over the holidays or anytime, parking can be a hot commodity.

“Parking’s been ridiculous for the past, honestly, like six or eight months,” Daniel Kunze said.

If you’re in Uptown Columbus, you have two choices for parking right now, the free parking garages or the two-hour parking spots. One Columbus State University student said she parks in the garage during the day but prefers not to.

“We really hate having to park for only two hours, especially when we have classes down here,” Victoria Evans-Cash said.

But change may be on the way. The City of Columbus is considering adding parking meters uptown. For now, it’s an idea while leaders get input from key stakeholders, with a public meeting expected in February. The public feedback on those parking meters is mixed.

“Well, I think it’s a really good idea," Jovan Williams said. "It would actually be sort of saying we’d be catching up with the times.”

“I don’t really care about the parking meter," Sean Calhoun added. "I would just end up parking in the free garage anyway.”

“If they brought meters, I think at the least we would know what we’re signing up for and we would know how many hours we would be able to park and how much we would be able to pay for. So, that would be a little easier,” Evans-Cash said.

“It’ll take away a lot of the worry and hassle,” Williams added.

Meters could possibly impact business along Broadway. One local manager said he isn’t too concerned.

“It would at least impact business temporarily," Kunze said. "I definitely don’t like it but it’s getting to the point where it’s kind of being needed.”

If the meters are approved and installed, you can expect to see them in uptown next spring.

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