Little free food pantries placed in Columbus and Phenix City communities

Little free food pantries placed in Columbus and Phenix City communities

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Have you ever heard of little free libraries? Fans refer to them as the world’s largest book-sharing movement where people can take or leave a book free of charge.

Residents in Phenix City and Columbus took this concept a step further with little free pantries.

Sharon from Phenix City, who wished to remain off-camera, opened her pantry just a few weeks ago.

“I saw it on the internet, and God spoke to me and said you need to feed people. That’s your purpose. So, I convinced my husband to help me build the box,” she said.

Community members are asked to donate boxed food or canned goods when they are financially able to provide a safety net for those who need food the most.

“We’re hoping that more people find out about it that need food, and hopefully we can stock it with whatever they need,” she said.

The most popular items so far are cereal and applesauce. Sharon wants to try Pop Tarts next.

“I’m hoping that other people will see the box, I mean the little pantry, and get their churches, challenge their churches to build one,” Sharon said.

A church in Columbus did just that. Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church built a food pantry box that starts its day full.

“By around nighttime, it’s always empty,” Jenn Hadley said, a local community member.

This Tuesday afternoon was no exception.

“A lot of my neighbors are on a fixed income or low income, and they struggle to buy food every day or be able to feed their families. With the food box here, it gives them some sort of security to be able to have food for the night or have food for a hard time. There’s always going to be food in the box,” Hadley said.

“It’s been a pleasure for me, and it’s been exciting for my little granddaughter who checks it every day. She knows what’s new in the box, and what’s been taken, and what’s new,” Sharon said.

Both Hadley and Sharon hope more churches, schools, and community members decide to build food pantries or contribute to existing ones.

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