WTVM Editorial 12-12-19: More than just toys

WTVM Editorial 12-12-19: More than just toys

(WTVM) - This is such a wonderful time of the year, a time of giving and generosity, and you can choose from a variety of great local causes to support.

And what if you could donate something simple, that could have a far-reaching, positive effect on a child in need?

You can do that through the WTVM Holiday Toy Drive, now in its second year.

From now through December 18th, WTVM and our client partners: Gil’s Auto, the Ritz Hollywood Connection and Headquarter Nissan are collecting toys for needy children and children in foster care.

Bins are set up in every location and we hope you’ll donate a toy or two to this effort.

Everyone knows children love toys, but toys can also end up having real value in a child’s social and educational development.

Toys help boys and girls use their imaginations and encourage them to interact and play with others.

Learning social cues and finding new ways to express themselves can have a profoundly positive effect on a child.

A dump truck and a little dirt can become the center of a make-believe construction project for any boy or a girl. A baby doll can teach a child to care about others and begin to understand responsibility, even at a very young age.

Simple puzzles challenge the minds of toddlers and give them experience with shapes and colors. When a child fits the pieces together, there’s a definite sense of accomplishment.

Bats and balls and outdoor sports toys help encourage teamwork and give young kids a sense of winning. Barbie dolls might spark creativity; putting Legos together can strengthen motor skills and inspire ingenuity.

In other words, for children of all ages, toys aren’t just fun and games.

Toys you donate will actually help children dream and learn, try new things, learn empathy for others, spark imagination, and give them a sense of achievement.

I’m sure you’d agree those are some of the qualities that can help mold a child into a happy, productive adult – the goal of any parent!

So, we hope you’ll donate an unwrapped toy to the WTVM Holiday Toy Drive, at Headquarter Nissan, Ritz Hollywood Connection or Gil’s Auto by December 18th.

When you do, your donated toy will have an immediate and positive impact on a child in need. Thank you!

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