Five Points neighborhood renovation plan underway in Phenix City

Five Points neighborhood renovation plan underway in Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - Phenix City leaders are hoping to revive the heart of the community with a potential multi-million dollar project.

They’re using a planning grant to create a new renovation plan for the Five Points neighborhood.

“We’re one town, we’re one home, and if one gets something better, if one does something better, it’s better for everyone else involved," said Jasmine Lawrence, a resident of Frederick Douglas apartments.

Lawrence is resident council president of Frederick Douglas apartments. She’s also part of the board working with Phenix City and Phenix City Housing to create a community-driven transformation plan for the Five Points neighborhood.

Frederick Douglas apartments is included in this potential transformation as well as areas from the river to 280 and South Railroad to Mill Creek.

People in the community spoke about the type of changes they’d like to see.

"Have a nicer playground, have a nicer resource/research center here, " said Frederick Douglas resident Arteka Cannon.

Some residents said a lack of transportation in the area makes it difficult to get around.

“We really don’t have nowhere to go or nothing to do. If a bus comes by to pick us up and take us somewhere, that would be fine,” said Margie Houston.

Mary Mayrose, executive director of the Phenix City Housing Authority, provided more details on some of the changes that people can expect to see in this community.

“We heard that loud and clear from a lot of the community participation. So, part of our plan in the neighborhood piece is to is expanding some type of transportation. So we are trying to address all of those types of things,” Mayrose said.

Phenix City Housing Authority is using community feedback to create the transformation plan for the Five Points neighborhood while also building a pocket park. This park is also a part of the planning project.

The idea is to tell their story, present the plan, and show the park concept to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in hopes of receiving a Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Grant to transform the Five Points Neighborhoods.

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