Outdoor classrooms opens at Auburn Public Library

Outdoor classrooms opens at Auburn Public Library

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - Big changes at the Auburn Public Library are allowing those who visit to take the fun and learning outside.

The library’s outdoor classroom is officially open. The new space means the library can expand programs and activities outside the door of the building and into nature.

According to the library’s director, the new addition is a way to showcase environmentally friendly practices like permeable pavers and a pollinator garden, while offering new learning opportunities.

“Even in this era of Amazon and Google, libraries thrive,” said Chris Warren, director of the Auburn Public Library. “We find new ways to serve our communities and patrons. I’m really proud of the work we do.”

Those who come to the Auburn Public Library are welcome to use the outdoor classroom, as long as no other programs are being held. The director said he hopes this new addition shows their commitment to education and lifelong learning beyond the limits of desks and chairs.

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