Ga. Congressmen release statements following historic impeachment vote

Ga. Congressmen release statements following historic impeachment vote
Trump Impeachment (Source: WTVM)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVM) - Less than one day after the United States House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump, two of the men who represent the state of Georgia in the House are releasing statements.

The House of Representatives put forth two articles of impeachment. One pertaining to abuse of power and the second pertaining to obstruction of Congress.

Congressman Sanford Bishop, a Democrat representing Georgia’s second congressional district, voted in support of both articles of impeachment. He released the following statement:

"There is no joy for me in the impeachment process, because I know the nature of impeachment is polarizing. Unfortunately, based on his own words, conduct, and the evidence from credible witnesses, there is no other option but to impeach.

"The first article alleges the President abused the power of his office for personal gain. He withheld military aid and an Oval Office meeting from a foreign government unless they gave him dirt he could use against his likely challenger to help his own re-election bid. The President admitted he did this. This conversation was in the transcript the White House released. Two State Department officials’ texts and phone calls confirmed the transcript and the President’s own words.

"The second article alleges the President obstructed Congress by refusing to comply with the lawful requests made by Congress in the impeachment inquiry. President Trump repeatedly instructed government officials and agencies not to cooperate and spurn subpoenas. In the history of impeachment in our country, this has never happened. No President or Administration facing impeachment has ever categorically denied subpoenas and refused requests for documents, until President Trump.

"The facts are not in dispute. The President and his Chief of Staff have admitted they did it and told us ‘we do that all the time, get over it.’ We must not get over it. We must not let the abnormal become the normal. We cannot allow this President to ‘do whatever he wants’ if it violates the Constitution and laws of the United States.

"To not impeach would say to future presidents they can disregard the Constitutional authority given to Congress. To not impeach would announce to foreign countries that America’s presidency is for sale. To not impeach would tell future presidents they too can try to rig an election in their favor instead of letting voters decide. To not impeach would say our President is above the law.

“The President and Members of Congress take an oath to the Constitution. The President violated his oath, but I will not violate mine.”

Congressman Drew Ferguson, a Republican representing Georgia’s third congressional district, voted against both articles of impeachment. He released the following remarks made on the floor of the House of Representatives:

"Well, here we are, on the verge of doing exactly what Americans don’t want us to do and exactly what they feared you would do. In 2016, I, along with 63 million voters and the 304 electoral college votes they represent, went into voting booths, raised our collective political middle finger to D.C. and voted for Donald J. Trump for President.

"Folks like my father, who watched this place destroy his profession of community banking. My friends and family in the textile industry who saw their way of life destroyed following NAFTA. Americans in rural areas whose opportunity in life and voice had been drowned out by the screams of socialist democrats.

"Our friends and neighbors living in poverty, crime and broken down project-based public housing who for generations have been told this is the best D.C. thinks you can do, here’s your check now move along. I, for one, stand determined not to let this happen! Our voice will be heard, and we will fight back against this partisan, unfair and corrupt impeachment process.

“How dare you, the liberal elites, the condescending bureaucrats and every other kind of swamp critter in this place try to tell us, the American public, who the President should be. That’s the job of the American voter – not yours! This whole Great Rodeo is a sham and a shame. And it won’t be forgotten. I yield back.”

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