Utah man implants Tesla key into hand

(CNN) - A Utah man has put technology under his skin that allows him to unlock his Tesla with a wave of his hand.

Ben Workman is one of a few people around the world who are turning to cybernetic implants: computer chips that allow you to do various things.

With his, Workman can unlock his car, unlock doors at work, log on and off of his computer and share contact information using the same technology that’s used for Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Workman, a cybernetics enthusiast, said his inspiration was “experimentation and curiosity.”

The process to get the chips into Workman's hands wasn't as simple as his motivation.

"On the first two, I actually didn't have anyone. I tried going to a veterinarian, a doctor, a piercing studio, no one would do it."

Workman ended up getting a family member to do it for him.

Next, he wants to put a chip in his hand that lets him pay for things without a credit card or phone.

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