UPS driver hides toy to make sure Christmas surprise isn’t spoiled

ORANGE COUNTY, N.Y. (WABC/CNN) – A UPS driver was caught on camera going above and beyond to ensure a Christmas delivery would not be spoiled for the children inside a home.

UPS driver Josh Satkin was recorded hiding a large toy to make sure the surprise wasn’t ruined.

He stashed it behind garbage cans to keep it from young, curious eyes.

Mike and Megan Delaney get alerts on their phones when their Ring camera sees someone in their driveway.

Megan was out with the kids when she saw that the package was being delivered.

"And then I see the box, and I'm like, ‘Oh no,’" she said.

But then she saw Satkin discreetly tucking the big box behind their garbage cans.

"I'm like, ‘Yes, he saved Christmas. He covered it,’" she said.

When the Delaneys next saw Satkin and thanked him, he told them he didn't even realize he was being recorded.

"It makes it even so much cooler that no one's watching and he's doing an act of kindness," Megan Delaney said. "It was amazing that he did that for us."

UPS issued a statement saying Satkin did the right thing, and that it encourages drivers to use their judgement and be creative, if necessary.

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