Columbus woman inspiring people to embrace their struggles with alopecia

Columbus woman inspiring people to embrace their struggles with alopecia

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus woman wants to inspire her community to embrace the struggles of living life with alopecia.

Carla Savage, a Columbus woman, is encouraging those in the Chattahoochee Valley with alopecia to embrace their struggles, one she also has.

“This was my first picture after losing my hair. And so this was going to be the new Carla, physically anyway," Savage said as she held a picture of herself at 12-years-old.

Carla Savage experienced hair loss twice in her life. First, at 4-years-old and permanently at 12. She had been wearing wigs for almost 30 years until a health scare in 2018 forced her to reevaluate.

“So just like I didn’t have a choice in losing my hair, here I was again with not having a choice in wearing it,” said Savage.

Since then, she has created the Valley Alopecia Support Team. This support group is for anyone experiencing alopecia or any type of hair loss. She says she has had a lot of love and support from her family. Her sister, Karen Ouzts, describes her as very courageous.

“She’s taking something that is hard and she’s using it to help other people and that does take courage,” said Ouzts.

Savage says you are still you without your hair, and she believes God gave her this struggle to help encourage others.

“God has assigned me this mountain to show others it can be moved. But everybody has to face their own mountain and they all have to choose their level of comfort," said Savage.

The Valley Alopecia Support Team meets at the Columbus Library the first Tuesday every month.

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