Community reacts to Central High School football coach’s departure

Community reacts to Central High School football coach’s departure

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - The Central High School Red Devils will need a new football coach after back-to-back appearances in the state championship and earning their first state title since the early 90′s.

On Tuesday, Head Coach Jamey DuBose announced he’s retiring from the state of Alabama.

The stats show DuBose had a successful six seasons at the helm of the Red Devils, including a state title last year, but his influence reaches beyond the field as he builds relationships with students like Raymond Vega.

“I was kind of sad at first because Coach DuBose, he’s a very good coach. He’d always push us to do better. Go for it in what we want to do. So, I was kind of sad that he was leaving," said Vega, a junior at Central High School.

Senior Alexis Biggers said his leadership and involvement, like dancing in videos, inspires school spirit, especially on game days.

“It just excites people. Like everybody is excited to come to school and it gives the football team a name, like a good name," Biggers said. Her brother, Antionio Biggers who is a junior at Central, added, “The energy, it transfers to everybody else."

Players also know how strong a football program DuBose led at Central.

“I feel like people are more grateful for him that they actually got a chance to experience and be with him through that journey, but I don’t feel like nobody is actually upset about it, you know, in a negative way," Biggers said.

DuBose’s success goes far beyond Central High.

“It’s all part of our community because a lot of the students go to Central and they know him and they know the school and so he’s impacted them by making their lives better with football and just being the coach,” said Christian Gouine who lives near Central.

“To Coach DuBose, I’m very sad that you’re retiring. I wish the best for you. Thank you for making me a better person and always push us to do better," Vega said.

DuBose said he’s taking a coaching job outside of the state.

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