GRAPHIC: Good Samaritans rescue 1-year-old from vicious pit bull attack in New York

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (News 12 Hudson Valley/CNN) – Video from a New York state neighborhood shows a horrifying dog attack on a 1-year-old child.

Neighbors said things could have turned out much worse if the men hadn’t intervened quickly.

The frightening video captures the moments when a loose pit bull raced into a front yard and attacked the child in Spring Valley this week.

A volunteer from the EMS organization Chaverim of Rockland ran to save the infant from the dog’s jaws before the animal attacked a 29-year-old man – who was bitten by the dog as he struggled to free the child from its grip, WABC reports.

The volunteer from Chaverim of Rockland then helped to subdue the pit bull with the help of another brave neighbor.

"The chaos, you know, when you see a baby being dragged by a vicious dog like a rag doll," said Rabbi Yisroel Kahan, who arrived on the scene right after the attack occurred and counseled both the infant’s family and the wife of the man who was attacked.

"This could have been fatal,” Kahan said. “A dog biting viciously into the neck of a baby. Thank God, this wasn't warm, and the mother had protected the baby from the elements, not knowing that this ripped coat would save the child's life."

Kahan said the violence could have been worse if not for the men.

"If not for these volunteers jumping into action, there could have been facial injuries and other injuries,” Kahan said. “This is what Monsey, this is what Spring Valley, this is what Rockland County is all about: neighbors sticking up for each other."

Police said the dog was taken to the Hi-Tor Animal Shelter in Pomona, New York.

They said they’ve identified the dog’s owner and are investigating the attack.

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