City of Columbus preparing for severe weather

City of Columbus preparing for severe weather

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Reports of potential severe weather in the Chattahoochee Valley on Saturday has the Muscogee County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) closely monitoring the national Weather Service webinars to determine what they need to do for the Columbus area.

The deputy director of EMA said different Muscogee county departments and first responders will be on standby for potential severe weather.

“If we do have some severe weather, it may down trees, it may down limbs, it may do some roof damages, those kinds of things. We’ll have our city employees ready and available to respond,” said Riley Land.

He also said the police department will maintain their regular patrols, fire and EMS will be available for road closures, and the public services group will be ready to respond in the event of fallen trees.

“We think we’ve got a contingency that will be there already and then in the event that they need any additional help or person power, they know how to make the call outs and get additional people,” said Land.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson said it’s important to pay attention to the weather and all warnings.

“With the tornadoes that came through last year in March, it’s still fresh on people’s minds," Henderson said. "I think it’s critical that you heed to warnings. I mean, don’t take chances. If you here the sirens go off, take shelter, get to the innermost room in your house, go as low as you can. If you’ve got a basement, go there. We don’t anticipate anything that would be significant enough to cause that type of damage, but we want to be ready for it just in case it does.”

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