BBB: Spotting the fake when it comes to the 2020 census

BBB: Spotting the fake when it comes to the 2020 census

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With a new decade, comes a new census to determine the population of the country, which means there could be census takers dropping by your home to make sure you get counted.

The Better Business Bureau wants to make sure that everyone is aware that there may be unofficial people coming to your home and trying to get personal information from you.

Michele Mason says they were prompted to make sure the public knew what was and was not official after a Phenix City resident reached out saying they had received a 2020 Republican Census Verification and were not sure how legitimate it was.

The BBB was able to confirm that it was the Republican National Convention asking for a donation but was not a required part of the census like the resident thought.

Census takers may ask about the number of people in your home, income and things of that nature.

There is a separate survey called the American Community Survey, which chooses participants at random and asks a few deeper questions.

To make sure someone is really with the Census Bureau, you can contact the Atlanta regional office to verify. Census takers will also have a photo I.D. with an expiration date and a watermark that you can ask to see through the window before opening the door.

Mason also says you should never give out your Social Security Number, but not be alarmed if they ask for a donation.

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