LaGrange police investigate ‘the biggest local drug trafficking case’ in years

LaGrange police investigate ‘the biggest local drug trafficking case’ in years

LAGRANGE, Ga. (WTVM) - A couple has been arrested for trying to smuggle drugs into the Georgia prison system.

On January 15, a doctor’s office called the LaGrange Police Department because they found drugs in the trash in their public restroom.

The staff said a male came into the office and went to the bathroom, while a female inquired about an appointment.

The staff said they grew suspicious and searched the bathroom after they left.

They found a vacuum-sealed package containing approximately 100 grams of methamphetamine, approximately 40 grams of marijuana, 20 grams of Marijuana Hashish, six cell phones with chargers, and several large bundles of packaged tobacco and rolling papers, according to police.

“We have seen some in the past. This is the first I’ve seen in five or six years here in LaGrange where substances have been tried to be smuggled back into the prison. This is by far the largest I’ve seen,” said Sgt. Mark Cavender of LaGrange Special Investigations.

The Special Investigations Unit was able to identify Vontavia Bryant and Quantadis Warren of Atlanta, Georgia for dumping the drugs and other items.

Investigator Clint Stephens said they found out Bryant and Warren were going to deliver these items to the doctor’s office for an inmate in the Georgia Department of Corrections to retrieve during their appointment later that day.

The items would then be smuggled back into the state prison where the inmate is serving a sentence.

An office staff member said either Bryant or Warren’s car still in their parking lot.

The LaGrange Police Department is working with the Georgia Department of Corrections to identify the suspects currently in prison who would have retrieved the drugs and other items.

“We have determined who the package was bound for, we do know that. But we also know there is more than just that one person involved. We will continue to work with the Department of Corrections on their end inside the prison as well as our end here,” Cavender said.

Stephens said he expects more arrests to come as a result of this investigation.

“Had it not been for the staff paying attention to their surroundings, there is no way this case could have ever been made,” said Cavender.

If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact the LaGrange Police Department at 706-883-2603 or Troup County Crime Stoppers at 706-812-1000.

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