“No One Wants to See Traffic on Snapchat, Brenda:” GDOT names safety message winners

“No One Wants to See Traffic on Snapchat, Brenda:” GDOT names safety message winners
GDOT announces safety message competition winners (Source: GDOT)

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTVM) - The Georgia Department of Transportation has announced the winners of their safety message competition.

The competition encouraged people to suggest postings to encourage safe driving on the DOT’s digital changeable message signs on major highways across the state.

The submissions were judged and winners were chosen in five categories: general safety, distracted driving, impaired driving, seatbelt and work zone safety. Some of the submissions were seasonal and could only be used at certain times of the year.

The winning messages include:

General Safety

First Place - “If You Miss Your Exit It’s Okay - We Made More Up Ahead”

Second Place - “Better Late Than Never”

Third Place (tie) - “Drive like Your Momma is Watchin’," "You are Allowed to Use Turn Signals, We Checked” and “Drive Safely or we Call Your Mother”

Distracted Driving

First Place (tie) - “You Look Great but the Selfie Can Wait” and “Looking at the Road is a Great Way to Stay on It”

Second Place - “No One Wants to See Traffic on Snapchat, Brenda”

Third Place - “Pop Quiz, What’s the Speed Limit on This Road"

General Safety

First Place - “Driving Half Lit is Not Very Bright”

Second Place - “Don’t Spend the New Year in Jail, Party Responsibly”

Third Place (tie) - “Don’t Be a Turkey and Drive Basted" and “The Party Should Be Lit, Not You, Bring in the New Year Safe”


First Place (tie) - “This is a Sign You Should Buckle Up” and “If You Don’t Wear a Seatbelt, Please Be an Organ Donor”

Second Place - “Wearing a Seatbelt Makes You Look Thinner”

Third Place (tie) - “Here is the Tea, Sis, We Can See You So Buckle Up" and “Seatbelts are In, Everybody is Wearing Them”

Work Zone Safety

First Place - “Look Left, Look Right, Keep Workers in Sight”

Second Place - “Work Zone, Slow Down, Workers Have Families That Want Them Around”

Third Place (tie) - “Work Zones Matter, So Do the People in Them" and “Avoid Destruction, Mind the Construction”

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