Temporary warming stations open in Columbus during extreme cold

Temporary warming stations open in Columbus during extreme cold

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Several organizations in the Chattahoochee Valley are open the next few nights for those needing to escape the cold. SafeHouse Ministries and The Verge Church are both open.

SafeHouse, located at 2101 Hamilton Rd., opened at 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning and will remain open until 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Eric McClure with SafeHouse said they had 55 people stay there on Sunday night and he is expecting 80-85 people to spend the night there Monday.

“This time of year, we find so many people that’s homeless and not just homeless, but needing shelter so they can have a place to keep warm and not just keep warm, but a place like a refuge so, we offer that here to them at SafeHouse Ministry," McClure explained.

SafeHouse is serving three hot meals per day instead of the usual two meals they serve. There is a need for more supplies with an increased amount of meals being served in the next few days. McClure says he is very appreciative of how he’s seen the community support their ministry during this time.

“We know that we are supposed to serve each other so, we thank God that they are bringing the items that we need through like food, toiletries and warm clothes so, they’re really dropping them off at a high rate and we really thank God that he has touched their heart in that area," McClure said.

For anyone wanting to drop off supplies, McClure said they are especially in need of coffee, cream and sugar. They also need warm clothing items like gloves, hats and blankets.

The Verge Church, located at 7591 River Rd., is also giving people a safe and warm place to sleep during extreme temperatures in their ’28 and below ministry.' Associate Pastor Chuck Odum said they had 11 people stay there Sunday night and have 13 people staying there Monday night.

They pick up people around the community in the afternoon and bring them to the church to spend the night. Then, they drop them back off the next morning at a location of their choice.

“When we jump into action in this like our team is ready and willing because there’s such a reward to see people, at least if just tonight, we’re able to help them get through another night. That’s a win for us." Odum said.

Chelsea Rhodes was homeless for four years. Now, she has a home and a job, but still came to The Verge Church Monday night to fellowship with people taking shelter there.

“I love how they do this for people because I used to be out there on the streets and I know how it is. And for everybody out there, if they need a place to stay, this is the place," Chelsea said.

The Verge offers several things for those staying there including a meal, a place to sleep and a hot shower. They also do the laundry of their guests throughout the night.

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