Kindergartner left behind in Florida classroom

Girl left behind in Florida Kindergarten classroom

WAKULLA, Fla. (WCTV/Gray News) - Christina Reed said she was too angry to respond to the apology phone calls she recently received from the Wakulla County School District after her 6-year-old daughter Kylie was left behind inside her kindergarten classroom. It happened at Shadeville Elementary School in Crawfordville on Tuesday, WCTV reported.

“She was left for about an hour and 15 minutes unattended,” she said Wednesday night. “Sorry doesn’t fix it. Something really bad could have happened to my child.”

Reed said her husband had first noticed something was wrong when Kylie did not get off at the normal bus stop. Coincidentally, he had gotten off of work several hours early and was tailing the bus when it stopped.

Reed said they immediately made calls to school officials and the bus depot. No one knew where Kylie was.

“They asked me, ‘Maybe someone picked her up.’ I’m yelling, ‘No, no one could have picked her up,’” she said.

Reed immediately started to think the worst.

“Did someone come on campus and snatch my child up?” she recalled.

Reed’s husband went directly to the school. Since it was after hours, the campus was desolate and all of the doors were locked, she said.

“He is beating on the doors, trying to get someone to open them,” she said. “The assistant principal finally came to the door. She says she can’t find her.”

Reed said it took two checks of the deserted classroom and was more than an hour after class let out before Kylie was found. She had fallen asleep in a reading nook before the class was dismissed and was still asleep when the assistant principal found her, Reed said.

Kylie describes the situation as “scary” because she “didn’t know what had happened.”

In a voicemail that Reed said Principal Nicholas Weaver left after the incident, he is heard apologizing and states that an “investigation” will be conducted. Reed said she is still worried it could happen again to someone else and wants more protocols put into place.

In a statement to WCTV on behalf of the superintendent, district safety and risk manager James Griner said:

“On the afternoon of January 21, 2020, Shadeville Elementary School administrators were notified that a student did not get off of the bus at its regular scheduled drop off time. The school discovered that the student was asleep in her classroom and had not been dismissed with the other students. At this time, the school is addressing the situation and reviewing dismissal protocols in that child’s classroom.”

A phone call message left with the district around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday that requested more information and an on-camera interview was not immediately returned.

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