Public pool repairs, alcohol sales discussed at Columbus City Council meeting

Public pool repairs, alcohol sales discussed at Columbus City Council meeting

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus City Council met Tuesday night where they discussed pool repairs and selling alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday.

Several citizens spoke on the public agenda at the meeting.

One of the concerns is the status of the pool at Shirley Winston Park on Steam Mill Road. The pool is one of several city pools in Columbus that have been closed the past few summers.

Mary King spoke at Tuesday night’s city council meeting and expressed her concerns over the condition of the pool, which honors her sister, fallen police officer Shirley Winston.

“It brings great satisfaction to just sit there and see what our children are enjoying and senior citizens are enjoying, and remembering that this officer has given her life for this great city," King said.

King said busing children down to the Aquatic Center, like it has been done in the past, is not the answer. City Manager Isaiah Hugley said it’s on their list of things to do, but they have to weigh the age of the pool and repair costs to only be used for six to eight weeks during the summer.

“This mayor and council will decide whether we want to reinvest in the existing pool by renovating or constructing a new pool of some sort," Hugley said.

City council approved a resolution for alcohol sales on Super Bowl Sunday at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“The state law allows you to pick one Sunday a year where you can allow these alcohol sales at establishments that otherwise could not sell on Sunday. This has been requested for Super Bowl Sunday," said City Attorney Clifton Fay.

Shannon Bunn said the Columbus Water Works’ updated water base cost on meter size is hurting citizens like her sister Carol Henderson.

“Mine is a one and a half meter, so mine went up to $24. And the lady down the street, hers went up to $60 because she has a two and a half meter. It’s absolutely devastating," Henderson said.

The mayor and city council agreed to ask a Columbus Water Works representative to come to the next city council meeting to discuss this.

City council voted to authorize the purchase and renovations of the old Virginia College building on Veterans Parkway. This will be the site of the new health department building.

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