Bibb City revitalization underway with several new businesses

Bibb City revitalization underway with several new businesses

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - The Columbus community is coming together in efforts to revitalize Bibb City.

There was once a thriving town surrounding Bibb Manufacturing Company. The mill closed, the building burned, and the town suffered.

In 2000, Bibb City lost its charter with the Columbus Consolidated Government. The loss is helping Bibb City gain popularity and investments since the River Mill Event Center was created in 2008, according to the Columbus Comprehensive Plan.

Martha Cranston, a Fiddleheads employee, said, “Bibb City is a good location for all the traffic that goes downtown.”

“You’ve seen a lot of development in the last several years as you’re coming down second avenue,” said Olivia Amos, co-owner of BareRoots.

The Mercy Medical Center, the Mercy Med Farm, Bibb City Studios, and Icey Girl and Co. are just a few of the newer businesses in the Bibb City area.

One of the most recent developments is an eatery called BareRoots, which opened this January.

“One of the things Bibb City did not have before we opened was a small little cafe or a place for people to come have a quick lunch or breakfast,” said Amos.

After folks dine at the eatery, they can head south to the Highland Art Gallery. The owner, Dee Dee Tebeau, loves giving people the opportunity to view paintings, even if they cannot afford to make a purchase.

“We help support and encourage the local artists here, and give them a place to show and sell their work," said Tebeau.

She said the artwork in the community, like the Bibb City orchard mural, is uplifting. "Hopefully a bright spot for this area. I’m hoping this will encourage people to do the same,” she said.

Cranston said the upcoming projects are exciting.

"Having development of the restaurant, next store, and the River Mill are definitely going to help the city grow,” she said.

Up next for Bibb City is the Harvest Coffee, run by the Take the City ministry.

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