Hearing to revoke bond for Columbus murder, aggravated assault suspect withdrawn

Hearing to revoke bond for Columbus murder, aggravated assault suspect withdrawn

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - There are new updates to a developing case that News Leader 9 has been following for more than six months.

A man out on bond for murder is now charged with the aggravated assault of a police officer.

The prosecutor said Quardarrius Strong was out on bond on a murder charge when he allegedly hit a police officer with a car.

The hearing scheduled for Friday morning to revoke Strong’s bond was actually scheduled before the most recent charges to hopefully prevent Strong from any criminal activity.

Strong is no stranger to the Muscogee County Jail. Mugshots show he’s been arrested at least once a year starting in 2017.

The hearing to revoke Strong’s own recognizance bond, meaning he was able to get out of jail without paying a fee, didn’t happen.

“Basically, the state decided to withdraw their motion because it’s moot, he’s being held," said defense attorney William Kendrick said. "We’ll get to the bottom of that situation.”

Strong was awaiting his murder trial when police said he hit and injured a Columbus police officer while trying to elude police during a chase just last week.

Kendrick said he was angry to hear of the new allegations.

“As if anytime I hear that my clients have gotten into anything while they’re out on bond, my initial reaction was to, you know, want to strangle him," Kendrick said. “But I’m still getting to the bottom of what happened. Our constitution and my job dictates that he’s innocent until proven guilty.”

Kendrick said the same innocence is applied to Strong’s murder charge. He’s accused of killing Ronnie Brooks Jr. in February 2019. In July 2019, Strong was released on his own recognizance and originally confined to Fort Benning because of his active duty status.

“They took him once he was released," Kendrick said. "He was confined to base. They conducted their own investigation. It was very thorough. Then, they came to the conclusion that there was not any evidence at that time to remove him from the military or to restrict him in any other way.”

A preliminary hearing for the new charges is set for February 5.

“I’m not even trying to speak on bond at this point for him right now," Kendrick said. “But a lot of times too, the Recorder’s Court judge will not set a bond if you’re out on bond for another violent charge.”

The district attorney’s office does not comment on ongoing investigations.

A statement from Fort Benning reads:

“We are aware the court hearing scheduled this morning was cancelled. We continue to coordinate closely with local law enforcement and the judicial system regarding the civilian criminal matter. The Army cannot discuss administrative personnel actions due to privacy reasons.”

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