Chiefs send teen with cerebral palsy to the Super Bowl

MIAMI (KCTV) - A teen who has left an impact on the Kansas City Chiefs and its fans is getting the trip of a lifetime to see the team play against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

PJ Allred was born with cerebral palsy and says he’s the “talk of the town" after the Chiefs sent him and his family to Miami.

Allred became a sensation after he scored an 80-yard touchdown at his high school football game.

“If you want to make something happen, go out and work for it,” Allred said.

Now, he is in Miami to watch his favorite team, the Chiefs, play in the Super Bowl. The team sent him and his family to Miami with Super Bowl tickets for him and his stepdad, Tony Corpe.

“It’s a very cool experience; something we’re gonna have a blast with," Corpe said.

His mother, Valerie Corpe, is also enjoying Miami.

“It’s warm. It’s hopping,” she said.

Allred might be a good luck charm for the Chiefs. They haven’t lost since Patrick Mahomes handed him the game ball.

“Nothing can stop anyone from doing their dream," Allred said.

To follow Allred’s Super Bowl experience, go to his Facebook page.

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