Several Columbus bars normally closed on Sundays open up for Super Bowl

Several Columbus bars normally closed on Sundays open up for Super Bowl

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Several Columbus bars that are not normally open on Sundays opened up their doors for Super Bowl festivities.

“People are going to get their alcohol whenever they want it, either way, whether they’re at home or at a bar,” said Barton Morrison, manager of The Tap.

The Tap is one of many bars in the Columbus area that had the opportunity to open their doors on Super Bowl Sunday.

Columbus City Council voted on Tuesday to allow alcohol sales on Super Bowl Sunday as the one Sunday per year establishments can sell alcohol, according to state law.

A bartender at Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub hopes that the bar will be able to join others in the area that are open Sundays.

“We’re normally open six days a week, so I hope Scruffy’s can join in with places like the Cannon or Nonic, that they get to open up on Sundays," said Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub bartender said Kayla Holloway.

Holloways says the bar would have to make more than 50 percent of their profit selling food to open on Sundays, according to Georgia law.

Although employees at some bars in Uptown Columbus say they are grateful to be open on Super Bowl Sunday, they also said they wish they would have had more time to prepare.

“We didn’t get a notice until Wednesday, about being able to be open. We didn’t have as much time to advertise," said Morrison.

People in the Columbus area enjoyed being able to watch the game at local bars.

“They were open this year, so I was like awesome. I mean it’s fantastic that we actually get to watch the game because otherwise we’d be sitting in our hotel room,” said patron Jimmy Gather, who is from Texas.

To make the game even more exciting, they made bets on the commercials.

“What we do is try to make the Super Bowl more fun and so we bet on little insignificant things like the next commercial is a beer commercial. So I’ve lost twice,” said patron Chad Harding.

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