Columbus organization advocating for reform of bail system

Columbus organization advocating for reform of bail system

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - One Columbus organization is advocating for a bail system reform.

New Life Second Chance Outreach hosted a forum at the Columbus Public Library on the topic.

The outreach program aims to equip, empower, and restore hope to disadvantaged men and women.

Attorney Tiffany Roberts, the forum’s keynote speaker, says cash bail bonds are one tactic used to criminalize the poor.

“People lose their livelihoods, people lose their children, and people lose their sanity incarcerated and often they’re incarcerated because, simply, they don’t have money to pay their way out and we think that changing our community starts with making safer communities, where we have trust and resources and we can help one another," said Roberts.

During the forum, attendees watched “Bail Trap: American Ransom.” Following the video, people had the opportunity to ask questions about cash bail bonds and how they work.

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