Concerns of spoiled milk hit the Chattahoochee Valley

Concerns of spoiled milk hit the Chattahoochee Valley

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - If you have been experiencing problems with your milk, you are not alone. Over the past few days our newsroom has been flooded with concerns about spoiled milk.

Some said it is the taste, some said it is the texture, but dozens of people sent in their stories of spoiled milk. The health department said the best way to check if your milk is spoiled is to give it a big smell.

Whether you are drinking milk by itself, making a bowl of cereal for breakfast, or having everyone’s favorite, milk and cookies, you know to check the date on the carton.

Heather Lapinsky said she bought four gallons of milk, each of which went bad. With gallon one, “It smelled funny," Lapinksky said, "so I told my daughter [to] just dump it out.”

On gallon two, “We noticed again something was wrong with it,” Lapinsky said again, "it didn’t taste right, so we dumped that out.”

Lapinsky’s taking her other two gallons back to the store for a refund even though the date on the jug is listed for later this week. The F.D.A. said the dates do not signify when the product goes bad, just when it is at its peak quality.

A representative from the Columbus Health Department said there are a couple of ways to check if your milk supply has gone bad.

“When I am using milk, I will just smell the milk just to be sure I don’t smell anything and obviously when you’re pouring milk, you don’t want to see any kind of thickness or lumpiness," Pamela Kirkland with the Columbus Health Department said.

Consuming spoiled milk could lead to stomach issues, according to Kirkland. Lapinsky is not taking any more risks with her children after her son got sick last week after eating a bowl of cereal.

“I don’t think that it has just a spoiled milk smell," Lapinksy said. "I’m not sure what it is. I would definitely look over, smell, taste your milk before giving it to your kids or anyone that might be more prone to getting sick until we know what it is.”

If you are concerned about your milk, you should report the problem to the Food and Drug Administration for them to investigate.

A spokesman for Walmart said: “We appreciate you raising this concern with our team. On background, we are working with managers at the local level to look into this concern.”

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