WTVM Editorial 2-4-20: Good economic times

Published: Feb. 4, 2020 at 3:54 PM EST
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(WTVM) - The economy on a national scale is performing at heights not seen in decades and that is good news for us here in Columbus, too.

A new 2020 Economic Outlook prepared by the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business, for both Georgia and the specific Columbus area, should give every one of us reason to smile.

In Georgia, all five of the top economic indicators are very healthy for 2020.

Consumer spending is strong, low interest rates are available, home building is happening, defense spending is growing and so is the population, thanks to people moving to Georgia in high numbers.

Experts at the Terry School of Business see no recession in 2020.

In Columbus, the federal re-investment in Fort Benning, continuing military pay raises, along with the expansion of Columbus State University and other regional business development tells the story of real economic vitality.

Government employment in our area is 36 percent of the workforce, an unusually large number compared to the U.S. average of 16 percent.

Again, that is mostly thanks to Fort Benning, with the city-county consolidated government and the Muscogee County School District adding to the positive picture.

The obvious strengths of Aflac and TSYS, along with our other major employers and local hospitals, all contribute to a very healthy local economy.

Georgia’s projected 2020 unemployment rate is a very low 3.6 percent, with qualified workers always in demand.

Even better for Columbus, we have a higher percentage of younger workers here compared to other cities in Georgia.

A diverse and qualified workforce, low unemployment and a strong military base are great economic indicators any city would envy.

We hope the good economic news means local business owners can enjoy even more success and confidence. 2020 looks like a great year for everyone.

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