Columbus Ralston residents are days away from having vouchers to move out

Columbus Ralston residents are days away from having vouchers to move out

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Residents at the Ralston Towers in Columbus are looking forward to having vouchers to move in hand within the next 10 days.

These pieces of hope come after years of reported complaints at the section eight apartment building.

“Well, today was a good day,” said Lueshionda Sexton.“They expressed the idea of partnership with us. They’re trying to work with us to get us adequate housing.”

After years of complaints, and two failed federal inspections, residents of the Ralston are being told their vouchers are on the way.

A visit from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officials Wednesday told residents they should have vouchers in hand late this week, or early next week to move.

“They’re trying to make our move and transition easy, so they’re explaining to us how these things are going to work, the vouchers, such as the relocation process and that’s basically it. And hopefully if it goes like planned, we’ll be out of here very very soon," Marion Bass said.

Residents said in addition to moving out of the Ralston into safe, sanitary, and decent housing, they’re being told a relocation contractor will also help pay for the physical move.

“And they’re actually going to provide funds for us to actually move, so that’s good. You either have the option to move yourself and they’ll pay for it or they’ll hire someone and they’ll pay that," Sexton said.

One question many residents have is about where they can go with their vouchers. The Columbus Housing Authority said residents can move anywhere within the state and move out of state after one year. But officials told residents something different Wednesday.

“Oh ,and that was another part of the good news. They’re trying to make it to where we can go to another state. We don’t have to wait the whole year, they’re going to make it where we can go wherever we want to go," Sexton said.

Voluntary relocation assistance will be offered to residents after the tenant meetings this week. There is no definitive time frame for relocation of residents.

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