Columbus Water Works explains increased water bills to city council

Columbus Water Works explains increased water bills to city council

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus Water Works spent more than an hour and a half providing clarification to Columbus City Council Tuesday morning regarding the increase in water bills for 2020.

Steve Davis, the president of Columbus Water works, presented information about how the increase impacted people with all different sized meters and sprinklers.

More than 90 percent of residents saw less than a $1 increase on their bill. Others are being charged almost double, according to the presentation. Davis said the next step is to go over all of the comments from councilors and decide what, if any, steps need to be taken.

"We needed to communicate better and I think now that we have sent letters out to these customers that are impacted with the increased fee on these larger meters, and we've given them a direct point of contact, a lot of the comments the councilors had we'll be able to address with our customer advocacy manager one on one,” said Davis. “So many of these customers’ situations are unique to their house, their irrigation system, their location from their house to the road, things like that. So, they can't just make a general statement that covers all of them. So, we need to personalize it with one-on-one conversations to kind of look at what their options are."

Davis said they will take the councilors’ ideas into consideration while determining how to move forward.

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