9-month-old baby in Columbus battles congenital heart defect

9-month-old baby in Columbus battles congenital heart defect

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Emilia Sanchez looks like a nine-month-old baby who is happy and curious about the world around her.

You wouldn’t know she has a congenital heart defect (CHD) by looking at her. While in the womb, Emilia was diagnosed with direct transposition of the greater artery, which is formerly known as Blue Baby Syndrome.

“They confirmed everything that was said during gestation and went forward with her plan," said Emilia’s mother, Ashley Sanchez. "They went in with her first procedure at 12 hours and they did her first open, well her open heart surgery at five-days-old.”

Some babies who are born with CHD may appear to be healthy. They are usually sent home before their heart defect is detected. Medical advancements allow babies with CHD to live longer lives.

“You wouldn’t think that they could be as resilient as they are," said Sanchez. “These children are amazing and I think it scared me and bothered me more than it did her.”

It’s important for people living with a heart defect to visit a cardiologist regularly. These visits allow the person to make the best decisions concerning their heart health. It’s also important for kids transitioning into adulthood to notify their doctors of their heart defects.

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