Suspect pleads not guilty to aggravated assault of man accused of killing his brother in Columbus

Suspect pleads not guilty to aggravated assault of man accused of killing his brother in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus teenager is behind bars after allegedly chasing the man police said murdered his brother.

On Wednesday, court testimony revealed the teen did not have a weapon in his hands at the time of the events leading to his charges.

Police said moments after Jaquayvius Jones shot 13-year-old Jamareion Davis in January, Jamareion’s older brother, Jahiem picked up the murder weapon and started chasing Jones. Police said when Jahiem entered Jones’ home, someone else had the gun.

“It’s something that anybody would have did,” said Jonathan Harris, “The only thing he did was chase the guy that had just murdered his brother. He chased him. He didn’t go to the boy’s house. He ran behind him.”

Harris said his 17-year-old son, Jahiem, was grieving after his baby brother Jamareion was shot and killed.

Police testimony revealed Jahiem and another young man chased the suspect from the scene to his grandmother’s house. Along the way, Jones reportedly dropped the gun which is when police said Jahiem picked it up and gave it to the other young man. At the grandmother’s home, the gun was waived, demanding Jones’ location.

“We believe what he did was appropriate and responsible," Attorney Chris Breault said. "He did not hurt anybody and he was filled with angst.”

Now, Jahiem is facing two felony counts of aggravated assault.

Judge Julius Hunter denied letting him go without paying bond, setting the fee at $50,000. Hunter called what happened as an attempt at vigilante justice.

“Nobody went to get a gun," Harris said. “Nobody went and got my son to go to his house. He ran and followed behind that boy.”

“All of this happened within two or three minutes," Breault said. "There was no vigilante justice. Vigilante justice would have been getting a weapon, going over there and taking action to make this right and that is not what he did here. He restrained himself. He did not do that. He spent his time at the scene with his grandmother weeping and crying because his brother, his baby brother had just been killed.”

Now, less than a month after Jamareion’s death, this family is faced with another tragedy, finding the money to bail Jahiem out after forking over thousands of dollars for Jamareion’s funeral.

“I don’t think they’re appropriate at all," Breault said. "He had just been a witness to the murder or killing of his 13-year-old brother. Now, the system is asking them to pay thousands of dollars more to free their other son. So, instead of dealing with the grief, they’re having to deal with this.”

There is an outstanding arrest warrant for the other young man who allegedly waived the gun in front of Jones’ family.

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