WTVM Weather Radio Wednesday returns again this Spring!

WTVM Weather Radio Wednesday

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Weather Radio Wednesdays are back! Each spring, Storm Team 9 tours the area making sure people have a way to get watches and warnings when it comes to severe weather.

A programmable NOAA weather radio is a great way to do that - it will alert you to watches or warning specific to your county (or whichever counties you program in the radio).

If we are at an Academy Sports + Outdoors, you can purchase your weather radio and 3 AA batteries at the store and we will make sure it is programmed properly and ready to go. You can also buy a weather radio before the event or bring yours from home.

While you are there, we will also set you up with our WTVM weather app – another tool in the toolbox of getting watches and warnings when severe weather threatens.

Our goal is to make sure you have multiple ways to get watches and warnings during severe weather and not to rely on outdoor warning sirens to get your information.

Here’s the schedule for 2020 so far, more dates will be added soon:

  • February 19th – Academy Sports, Columbus, GA (10 AM to 2 PM ET)
  • February 26th – Academy Sports, Auburn, AL (10 AM to 2 PM CT)
  • April 15th – Academy Sports, Columbus, GA (10 AM to 2 PM ET)
  • May 6th – Academy Sports, Auburn, AL (10 AM to 2 PM CT)

For older weather radios, here are some helpful links to find the specific county codes you will need to program your radio if you choose to do it yourself:

Georgia: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr/coverage/ccov.php?State=GA

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