Animal rescue organization needs help giving mistreated Talbot Co. dogs new homes

Animal rescue organization needs help giving mistreated Talbot Co. dogs new homes

TALBOT COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - Nine dogs were rescued from unsafe and unhealthy conditions in Talbot County Monday.

Now, one rescue is asking for help to improve their chances at making a comeback from this awful situation.

The animals are with animal control now, but just a few days ago they were tied up with chains.

“We found nine dogs all on chains," said Meliah “Boots" McGregor with Last Chance Rescue. "Not all of them had dog houses, some of them had barrels to live in, but the barrels had water in them. There was no food. The water buckets were green and black. It was a bad situation.”

Talbotton Police, Talbot County Animal Control, and Last Chance Rescue are working together to take care of the animals now. Last Chance Rescue works to take animals out of neglectful situations, but it’s now full, meaning these dogs are housed in Talbot County Animal Control.

“It was very sad," said Police Chief Justin Johnson. “I hate to see any animal being treated that way. "Some things I saw yesterday, I wish I had never seen and I don’t want to see again.”

The dogs were emaciated and fearful of humans. It will take some time to be rehabilitated.

“All we have left of the first animal that was removed is his collar,” McGregor said. "We were able to take that dog. She was humanely euthanized. She was loved on until the point where she was put down. She even had her own sweater and hoodie on before she passed away.

McGregor said that dog was paralyzed, left for dead, and had even eaten the end of its’ tail because it was so hungry.

“The owner needs to step up and take care of the dogs," said Howard Marshall with Talbot County Animal Control.

An investigation is ongoing to determine what charges the owners will face, ranging from a fine to life in jail for a felony.

McGregor said vets judge the dogs’ health on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best case scenario. None dogs scored above a two.

Chains sit beside the kennels as a reminder of how these dogs once lived. Now, the hope is to get them into other rescues and find forever homes.

“We just can’t do it all on our own," McGregor said. "We need some bigger rescues to call us and say ‘hey Boots, we want three dogs, bring them to us.’ These dogs are being double kenneled at this point in a facility that is just not set up for something like this.”

If you want to help but aren’t part of a rescue, you can donate to Last Chance Rescue’s vet bill here.

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