Puppy eats cocaine that suspect threw over Detroit fence

Puppy eats cocaine that suspect threw over Detroit fence
Nipsey, a 1-year-old pit bull, is back with his owner after receiving free treatment from the Michigan Humane Society. (Source: Michigan Humane Society/CNN)

DETROIT (CNN) - A pit bull puppy from Detroit has recovered after he ate part of a bag of cocaine that a suspect in a police investigation threw over his fence.

A 1-year-old pit bull named Nipsey was in his Detroit backyard Wednesday when police executed a search warrant on a neighboring property. Authorities say one of the suspects listed in the warrant threw a bag of crack cocaine over the fence.

Nipsey ate part of the cocaine. Police say they heard the dog barking and went to investigate, discovering the bag torn and chewed up.

"When I came outside and saw him eating some dope from the house next door, it kind of blew my mind," said Clinton Majors, the dog's owner. "Definitely when you've got animals, you really care for them."

Police called the Michigan Humane Society for assistance. Staff rushed to the property to pick up Nipsey and take him to the veterinarian.

The puppy was held overnight for treatment. MHS covered the costs and reunited the pit bull with his owner.

"I'm just happy the guys helped me out," said Majors of police and first responders. "That’s what good people do."

Police were unable to determine which suspect was responsible for throwing the drugs into Nipsey’s yard. No one was charged in relation to the incident.

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