Knife-wielding carjacking suspect shot by Texas deputy, off-duty police commander

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK/CNN) – A carjacking suspect was shot multiple times by a deputy and an off-duty Houston police commander Wednesday.

Video shows officials chasing the suspect through a parking lot as he pulls out a knife.

"His eyes, you could tell he was a very angry person,” said witness Cody Vaughn. “He was ready to hurt somebody."

The suspect was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. A deputy suffered a wrist injury in the incident.

Deputies said they were initially called to a Popeyes restaurant for reports of a suspicious person. When they arrived and tried to approach the man, he took off running.

Authorities said the suspect then tried to carjack several people in the area. Officers tried to stun him with a stun gun several times, but they were unsuccessful.

He eventually ended up inside an LA Fitness gym.

"When he ran through the LA Fitness, he was wielding the knife erratically, and he was running towards anybody that was close enough to him," Vaughn said. "The gentleman at the front desk screamed, 'There's a guy with a knife, run!’”

Authorities said an off-duty police commander was inside the gym at the time and rushed to help capture the suspect.

The suspect eventually came out of the gym, which is when Vaughn captured the video.

Authorities said the suspect again ran from officers, but then he turned around and charged them. That’s when officers shot him.

Vaughn said the officers’ actions likely saved a lot of people from a dangerous situation.

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