COURT: Argument over money leads to murder of Columbus man on Rice St.

COURT: Argument over money leads to murder of Columbus man on Rice St.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - One mother said she will never forget the phone call she received the night of February 9.

It was the night she found out her son was murdered.

Police said the suspect, Trey Campbell, and the victim, Shovawn Baker, argued over $2,000.

Court testimony revealed both men fired their weapons several times.

“My son died on the ninth. I will never forget 11:30 at night the phone call I received stating they were looking for next of kin. It’s been hell for the last two weeks,” Wanda Baker said.

Wanda Baker lives in Florida, but her son Shovawn Baker died from multiple gunshot wounds in Columbus February 9 on Rice Street. The day before his murder, she claimed her son argued with a former employer over money. Court testimony Thursday proved those facts true.

Detectives reported Shovawn Baker and Campbell argued over $2,000 at a home where Shovawn Baker lived and Campbell went to visit another friend.

Campbell told his attorney that Baker started the fight.

“Mr. Baker started an argument, pulled out his firearm, and Mr. Campbell stated to him, ‘I don’t want any trouble. I’ve basically paid you for what is owed,’” attorney Stacey Jackson said.

Police said Campbell allegedly owed Shovawn Baker $2,000 for construction work. The argument turned deadly when somehow both men fired shots. Campbell suffered from two gunshot wounds and Shovawn Baker died from four.

“One thing that can’t be lost is the fact that regardless of argument, regardless of text messages, regardless of a statement, regardless of anything, one has the right to defend himself from unwarranted attack," Jackson said.

“My son died over money that was owed to him,” Wanda Baker said. "Trey will still get to see his children and I won’t ever see my son ever again. He was my only son.

Another twist in the story is the fact Campbell was reportedly jumped by three men late in 2019. Although no evidence ties Shovawn Baker to the scene, Campbell’s attorney said his client had reason to believe Shovawn Baker was involved.

Text messages from the suspect to witnesses just hours before the shooting implied retaliation, but did not mention Shovawn Baker by name.

Campbell pleaded not guilty and being held without bond until he sees a superior judge.

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