New Jersey restaurant only hires special needs adults

RED BANK, N.J. (NetTV/CNN) - Owners of a New Jersey restaurant choose to primarily employ adults with intellectual disabilities.

The owners say they want to do more than serve customers good food.

They say they want to serve their community and their employees an important life lesson.

"Our mission is to give people with intellectual disabilities meaningful employment and to empower them," Stephanie Cartier, co-found of No Limits Café, said.

She and her husband decided to use their own experiences as motivation to make a much-needed change in their community.

"Our daughter Katie has down syndrome. She’s our third child. And you can stay in the school system until you’re 21 in the United States and when she was 18, we said, ‘OK, what’s going to happen?’” Cartier said.

Cartier said she and her husband are blessed to have Katie and it was their Catholic faith that called them to help others just like her.

Employees take orders, prep food and serve.

Currently, you need a reservation to eat in the café, but walk-ins will soon be welcomed.

Cartier says her mission does not stop at her café.

They are also planning to open a training program to provide restaurant industry workshops for people with intellectual disabilities.

According to No Limits' website, they also want to work with other restaurants in their area to hire trainees from their workshops.

They say three businesses have shown interest in their trainees already.

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