WTVM Editorial 2-25-20: Huge win for United Way

Updated: Feb. 25, 2020 at 3:42 PM EST
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(WTVM) - It is truly amazing what can happen when people unite and all push in one direction to reach a goal.

That is what happened with the 2019 United Way fundraising campaign and the results were off the charts!

Back in August, United Way Campaign Chair Kevin Blair, whose day job just happens to be President and Chief Operating Officer of Synovus, announced the goal: raise $7,000,075. It was an ambitious target.

Raising that much money would be another record; a tall task by any measure.

The campaign theme was “Change Doesn’t Happen Alone.”

In the end, there were 15,000 donors, private citizens or employees of the hundreds of partner companies, who all stepped up to give a whopping $7,241,000. That’s $166,000 over the original record-setting goal.

That tremendous achievement now means dozens and dozens more people can be helped this year.

We have often seen and reported on the generosity of our fellow residents of the Chattahoochee Valley. Time and again, you come through for the needy and the dispossessed.

It is also important to remember that the money raised here stays here.

Agencies supported by our United Way donations help improve the quality of life for young children and families in need of a helping hand.

The United Way focuses its energy and your donations on education, reducing poverty and addressing health and family needs.

Congratulations to United Way Campaign Chair Kevin Blair and new United Way President Ben Moser for over-achieving their fundraising goal.

We can all take pride in their success. A community coming together, united, to provide a vital safety net for our neighbors is the kind of news we love to report!

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